cheap cell phone jammer

Cell Phone Jammer Outlet, a leading Chinese security product distributor, has provided high quality and competitive price cell phone jammers for almost 15 years. We know a lot about the whole cell phone jammer industry, and would like to share some with you. Today we are going to introduce the SEO ideas about the keyword ‘Cheap Cell Phone Jammer’ in November, 2017: 


Search terms


Avg. monthly searches 


Suggested bid 

cheap cell phone jammer


100 – 1K




Above is the main SEO statistics of ‘Cheap Cell Phone Jammer’ of this month. We can know from them that the keyword is not very hard to do the SEO. The reasons are as followed:


1. The search result of the keyword is only 300,000+, not more than 1,000,000


2. The Avg. monthly searches is from 100 to 1,000, neither too few, nor too many


3. The suggested Bid is very cheap, which is not more than CN¥5


However, the Competition is High.


We estimated that the SEO difficulty of the keyword ‘Cheap Cell Phone Jamme’ should be Around 55%.