Cell Phone Jammer Express Shipping is a professional suppliers for cell phone jammer China, we have received many customer inquiries on our products, here shares some for check.


1.Any discount for your cell phone jammers? Usually there is no discount for our products, but if you need more, some discount is available.


2. If any technical support is available when something goes wrong in using? Yes, if there is something wrong with our cell phone jammers when using, you can contact our online sales for support, or email us.


3. How can you make sure the quality of your cell phone jammers? Complete quality control system and inspection system.


4. How about your return service? No matter you need to return, refund or exchange of the products from us, you can contact our online service in advance, they will inform you the details.


5. What is your shipping time? We will ship all orders in 1-2 working days after your payment being received. If unfortunately your order is delay by some reason, like out of stock, holidays, shipping issue etc, we will send email to notice and consult with you.


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